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In addition, you do not discuss nor him you simply, hazlo show your to seem. You will be happier and your client will have a text better. 6. He shows your emotions, as they appear to you. If you are angry, although you are visiting a client or speaking with him by the telephone (since […]


European Union President

In New York the greater summit of negacionistas of the climatic change will take place, from the 8 to the 10 of March. They are financed by the oil ExxonMobil and organized by the Heartland Institute, next to other 40 organizations to the service of the interests of the power sector. It agrees to remember […]


Architectonic Design

Studying the economic valuations to understand the urban structures of the emergent countries According to Alfredo Muoz comments to us, titleholder in Architecture in Spain, founder of ABIBOO Architecture and PhD in Architectonic Design in U.S.A.: India presents/displays characteristics shared with the rest of Eastern countries and to the time, it presents/displays another series of […]

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