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The demonstrated procedures can be the most workflows and production environments transferred and promoted as an example with Adobe Acrobat, callas pdfToolbox and Enfocus switch. All sample data and presentation documents are provided to participants at the end of the workshop via download. A screen video recording makes it possible once again to look at the workshop and to deepen their learning. What are the benefits of the workshop? The workshop proposes a bridge across the gap of PDF/X theory and day-to-day production. Basic knowledge to the PDF/X standards are built up or strengthened, and highlighted the need for defined procedures. Starting with the creation of a minimal test profile and establishing correction profiles is the adoption, review and optimization of Print PDFs conveys on the desktop and in the context of the automation of the PDF processing service provider.

It aims to achieve in the course of the process PDF/X-4-Conformance and include early production-specific parameters. Defined processes ensure that the manufacturability of the print PDFs at any time is given. NYC Mayor spoke with conviction. Control and pressure release processes are integrated with simple means. The most common stumbling blocks are discussed and strategies for their prevention or overcoming. Starting from working on the desktop computer, automation options are worked out specialized servers, intelligent workflow systems or Web portals.

Topics such as email-based sharing, online versions, transparency and layer handling or DeviceLink color conversions round off the workshop. Workshop participants are thus enables, to analyze their own working methods and to create better and more economically by means of concrete recommendations for action PDFs for print and online use and process. Dates and registration 22.10.2013 Hamburg, Radisson Blu pmx-hamburg 20.11.2013 Munich, hotel Vitalis pmx-muenchen 21.11.2013 Frankfurt, intercontinental pmx-frankfurt the workshops are from 9:30 to 16:30 held. The participation fee of 149 EUR (incl. VAT) includes the participation for one person, coffee breaks, lunch, and access (via download) all in the workshop used documents and materials.

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