Alexander Deliberately

The Alexander technique is at the origin”, to the kinesthetic experience the body processes and pressures that are directly connected to the emotions. The aufMerksamkeit of the student will gelenkt on body processes, movement processes and patterns. The dialogue”between teachers and students focused on the context between sensory perception and movement processes and pattern. The bewusste perCEPtion of emotion allows their formulation, the feeling, the GEDanKen and based liegende presentation systems as a motor of action. Inhibition”opens up the space to dissolve identification with the automatic ProzesSen and reactions to gain distance and deliberately wahrzuNEHmen what is true and to accept.

Direction”allows the conscious Stepping out of your own system, introducing the alternative as per handle”, then deliberately to the movement, i.e. deliberately to take a different approach. The idea of an activity gets more verschiedenste body, thinking and feeling processes that are linked and stored in the CNS at this idea. Direction”is the deliberate choice of the desired performance. The wesentlichen FAKtoren for the formation of unserer self concepts are sensory and verbal influenCED and indoctrination. Negative self concepts stehen our development, GEsundheit and quality of life in your way. A method that works on both Levels and aims at a VeranDerung of neural circuits, seems to me the best geeignet umzustrukturieren to think and feel and bewirken real behavior change. The body itself is PsychoLoGIScher Berater”, compass for a clear (self) Wahrnehmung, for their own emotions and authentic FuhLen, thinking and conduct.

Voraussetzung is is that we take to its functioning with him entsprechend his botschaften verstehen and antworten it with Bezug on ourselves, on the other, on what we do and how we do it. The man is a psycho physical unit F.M. Alexander went out from the unit of motor and mental processes and worked with the conviction that we all – in muscle tension implement every feeling, every thought, every experience.

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