Capitallife Insurance

7 million insurance customers are affected if you between mid-1994 and mid-2001 had completed and your contract after 2001 announce a capital/life insurance or private pension (annuity) or make contributions got them probably ever money. Entitled to them, but usually much more! The Supreme Court has spoken to customers right and the insurer would have to recalculate each individual case. To your favor. Consumer protection estimates that about 7 million customers are affected and everyone in the cut probably entitled to 500 euro. These are 3.5 billion euros, which would of course like to keep the insurer. The insurers write to anyone and cover the mantle of silence about the matter.

You not wake sleeping dogs commonly say, but now he is awake. It has been researched for years whether a low-cost, simple way to get your rights and money. A service company, giving people in our country is now created with the action of Fairplay, help in the enforcement legally established claims to all insurance companies offer. So far, only the consumer protection unit that has made aware and fought for the right of the consumer. Due to the victories that these people have won the following became possible. The insurers are aware of the limitation periods and thus is also argued, as long as no one talks about it everything is alright.

The deadline expires, what the customer is legally passes into the possession of the insurance. So we need to wait out this time! The insurers have no obligation even to mention that (perfectly legal). You have a right to information and help that is affordable, just on “Fair play”! Is often quite difficult to beat as an individual through the bureaucratic jungle and lavishly, who could not a song of them. Therefore, it is declared giving action Fairplay, to help you achieve your legal standing to right & money. The State has created bodies, which anyone can use, who knows such as: “good advice need not be expensive”! “We have consistently worked out this way, and help you with sample letters, a lawyer and absolutely glasses!” Every customer has the right to information in his matter. Billions of euros are waiting for your rightful owner!”so Werner Wirlmann of the action fair play. There in the amount of 10.-costs (payable in cash or stamps) for correspondence. If successful, only 10% of the actually achieved payments are calculated. “The price-performance ratio must be fair, no hooks, no rip off. You have lost enough already. Otherwise, the “little” low claims is once again empty and that’s not fair!

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