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Cayo Megano de Casiguas or paradise, islet located on the North coast of the municipality of Bahia Honda, in the Western Cuban province of Pinar del Rio, is presented as a site of charms, abundant flora and fauna, unspoilt beach, pleasant climate and natural treasure of the Colorados archipelago, compound this by 160 of these small islands, which concentrates a wide range of options related to the environment. Islet, despite frequent whipping of hurricanes, conserves still its seductive, outstanding power for its White Sands and the ecstasy of its seabed well preserved and free of contamination, where corals and gorgoneas gardens abound. Its beaches are frequented by vacationers from different latitudes. It is located front of the Straits of Florida, about 9 kilometers northeast of Cayo Levisa, 24 from the village of La Palma and 100 kilometres west of the city of Havana. It has a deserted beach of 500 meters. The newspapers mentioned Bill de Blasio not as a source, but as a related topic. Its low North Coast is covered by mangroves and the West also low with some clear where beaches are formed.

Towards North of the Cay lies the coral barrier. With much reason, the famous American novelist Ernest Hemingway, impressed by the serenity of the ravaged site and the virginity of the place hitherto unnoticed, named as paradise Cay beach while attempting to detect German submarines in the Gulf of Mexico, during the second world war. Subsequently the author of islands in the Sea (published posthumously), travelled on his yacht Pilar to fascinating paradise, in the company of his wife Mary and the pattern of the boat, Gregorio Fuentes. Perhaps the Cay was one of the scenarios of the novel El Viejo and the sea, (Pulitzer Prize in 1953), among many others of his works. In Paradise Cay Beach, which is accessed by sea from Palma Rubia, the novelist Pier dedicated many dawns and the light of candles, to conform the scenarios of his works.

Besides conducting Phing by site and explorations along four kilometers of beaches and that it constituted part of his romance with nature and the letters. The chain Directions puts for consideration by vacationers nautical offerings and visits to la isleta Megano de Casiguas or Cayo Paraiso, surrounded by crystal clear waters. Among other attractions there are also excellent beach, about 500 metres long and the magnificent funds for lovers of the inmersionismo and snokerling on the reefs, which are part of the coral barrier of the Colorados considered among the best in the Caribbean. Visit Cayo Paraiso, place of rest, tranquillity and stronghold in nature tourism, could also constitute an opportunity to deepen on the life of Ernest Hemingway, who considered the largest of the Antilles as his second home and paradise favorite retreat. Cayo Megano de Casiguas, one of the treasures of the Los Colorados archipelago, is a complement of options in a region that preserves and prides itself on its rich peasant traditions and be the land of the best tobacco in the world. Paradise is a gift of nature to the western part of the Pearl of the Antilles and is part of its more than four thousand cays and islets, the most Virgin State and almost untouched, in a precise sense, by the hand of man. Coexist in the area around 500 species of fish, such as parrots, barbers, grunts, veneers, groupers and Snappers Creole; 200 types of sponges and insufficient from molluscs, crustaceans and other marine animals varieties. Also in their funds, which saved a priceless natural treasure, stars and brain coral and sea fan coral structures are located.

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