One of the questions that with more frequency make us arrive the readers of ours blog of CATHEDRAL is with respect to the direction that must occur him to the development of the site which we decided to promote. We must develop ours website to seduce Google or thinking about our users and consumers? The very same Google has tried to respond this question. The concept guide who moves all the actions of Google is related to lifting the quality of the contents that receive the users. Read additional details here: Danny Meyer. By this they postulate that creating quality Web sites, that the readers captivate, and who offer added value, the favorable organic positioning, and consequently the increase in the traffic, they will come in addition. But, he is not right to not know the necessity to optimize the texts that are included in the page. We must understand by ” optimizar” like the facilitation to the maximum of the information so that Google indexes and interprets our content of the best possible way. The visit of bots of Google is an occasion of joy any to webmaster.

The advisable thing is, then, to shorten the most possible work to the finder, and that is evident the objective and content to him from our page Web. The certain thing is that we must write correctly for being indexed, whereas on a par we looked for to captivate our users. It is not a easy task, but it is not impossible either. There are certain details that will help us to transmit exactly to Google which they are our key words, and what information contains ours website. One of these aspects is the format. It will be essential, therefore, to be used to giving him to the correct format to our content, using, for example the labels, and the bold to us, since this distinction also is interpreted by the finder as relevance mark.

The titles of our content also deserve a paragraph aside. New York Museums has much to offer in this field. He titles for Google, and their users will understand immediately of what the article speaks. He avoids, therefore, the enigmatic or ambiguous titles. Google considers to the content of the special title importance. Therefore to create titles that do not reflect the more faithfully semantic property of the text is an error. To write for Google does not mean to flood a text of key words. Very on the contrary, this is a punished practice that can secure a sanction to him and make it descend in the pages of results. Who develops website has the obligation to make sure that Google perfectly understands the subject of the same. Now, the authority and the connections that a page harvests will be a determining factor in their positioning Web. Bond to say, that if its content likes and is considered valuable or novel, will be reason for connections and appointments in the social networks, two determining factors in the algorithm that calculates the positioning of a Web site. Consequently, it is precise that we write for our end users who are the one who, really, will buy our products. However, when doing it, we do not have to lose of view to the finders providing to them with texts sufficiently optimized like so that our contents suitably are indexed.


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