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Absolutely awesome weekend dawned for many peredachemanov case was made public about the closure of broadcasting in the evening broadcasts popular in the entire territory of the cis program house 2. Siy fact that a large number of unfortunate fun, neinache as has already become annoying vulgarity that was present in the serial transmission. Probably not imagine how many episodes on the screen shot of the orgy, as old men sent through place by the fire. And why fans of tv does not look great transfer, such as the transfer of the housing problem or a new comic transmission remains a mystery. At this point, is a large number of nedomlovok about whether to stop broadcasting house 2 on the monitors in the evening. People want to close, fans are required not to have completed shooting. And all of them there are good advantages to going on about.

Here is the popular deputy, as Mitrofanov told recently that he looks in the morning prohibiting the transfer. And swill maleyshe no shame in this program does not detect. Still, this person knows that the program is likely to be useful, because of the need to transfer catch the experience. Now committed tense over whether to suspend it at all or not needed. The head of the program tries to run the transmission for broadcast, and even calls for the commission top people to help the show. Now we just have to suffer, how will the news, and conclude whether realitishou that was broadcast on television for nearly five years.


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