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Listings for quality seekers”the heart of old is the company Finder masterfully. About this search engine experts with rich experience and knowledge can be found. You are 50 and more years old – the juniors ‘ are at least in their 40s. And run companies that are so small that the boss or the boss personally for the quality of service guarantee. Their offerings are aimed at households as to companies.

Keyword search and the keyword directory, the search is very simple. Company profiles show important information in brief: what? Who? How? Informative advertising, as customers need them. And low-cost advertising, as small businesses need them. Service for small businesses hardly anyone knows that over 90% of all enterprises in Germany are micro enterprises (according to EU definition Max 9 employees). There is also the rmeisten new jobs created. Computers and the Internet have led to a spirit of optimism in the micro-economy.

Today it is to new markets via the Internet even solo entrepreneurs open up. To effectively bring together the possibilities of this sales medium, we have developed our company Finder for the needs of small businesses. The Maginzin far-sighted rounds the offering from small companies play a role also in the magazine. There are too many areas of operational everyday life articles and service pages with selected, useful Internet links. Young entrepreneurs at the best age ‘ will be presented: old wants to encourage people with much experience to take the step to independence. Because older founder have much to offer. For people, the labour market on grounds of age remains closed, independence is even the only way of acquisition. The company can not afford to send the elderly in retirement, because 50% of the population are soon! Their unexploited skills is always needed to make the demographic changes. Some of the topics from the broad spectrum of the magazine are far sighted. It is under a license Creative Commons, which basically allows a non-commercial use of any content.


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