Daniela Katzenberger

“Rumor is soon in addition to Dieter Bohlen the cat has very many mice”, Germany’s largest daily newspaper, in a report about the blonde of the service which it solely comes down to how much carbon has earned in the last 12 months a certain Daniela Katzenberger sounded recently. (TNN) Now Miss Katzenberger to honor soon also the Dieter, because rumors making the rounds, the cat from the service was already firmly in the plan for Germany sucht den superstar, 2012 “, where you should sit next to Oliver Pocher and Dieter Bohlen in the jury. Whenever New York Museums listens, a sympathetic response will follow. RTL has so far neither denied nor confirmed. Yet it would be a career boost. Has own TV broadcast, single, its own Cafe and of course the fashion line in addition to tons of advertising contracts, he babbelt himself the blonde Pfalzerin within a short time”. d Jr. This one must wonder how they done anything at all, or better, who did it for them. Daniela Katzenberger 2009 is best known as a career”as a model for “She had required photographs, a channel of the RTL Group, to film at their shootings, what the Viewer then under the label reality TV” was sold. There followed reams of newspaper reports in addition to appearances in various shows and other reality-format. Currently Katzenberger hosted their show legally blonde”, the early August went a total of 31 episodes to end and also there were cash properly.” Reporters speculate the cat was supposedly”on the best ways to become a millionaire and the flagship blonde was no longer to have less than 20,000 EUR. This must one ask what actually may be the woman? What about you or your presence is worth 20,000 EUR? Because in television the silly as you or a few newspapers reported it? What determines the value of a person and how equitably those resources are distributed? A cleaning lady, working 10 hours a day, to get their children or a garbage man, which ensures that we don’t suffocate in the own stench, is their doing and doing less worth? Why does a stupid Schwatzerin EUR 20,000 for an ordinary worker must toil for 12 months? “The media columnist Bernd Gabler writes in the Star: woman Kadri is a fictional character and has become a typical phenomenon of trash TV in 2010”.

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