Demographic Devolution

And it considering the capacity of support of the existing natural resources in the establishments or their environs. Based on the preceding paragraph we create suitable, to describe the profile of the slumses that we come crossing for almost but of four decades. These intense experiences are those that allow us to surpass ” invisibilidades” more above aimed. But that concealment is relative, inasmuch as we come complementing our experiences with the analysis from many studies and documentation that feeds back same and they reinforce our convictions. Of course, that documentary mass, in spite of being available, does not circulate with fluidity around great mass media, nor by academic and consultoriles means.

In a development like the present, it turns out insoslayable to resort to curls that send previously to realised affirmations. Hear other arguments on the topic with Gregory Williamson. In the same way we must be sent to our own works, whose listing and some of their contents are accessible in the Web site But we go to the level of the mere description on the base of the vivenciado thing. It is very evident that the system of Argentine slumses was formed by the unfolding of the railway network – telegraphic. It is very illustrative, to consult three maps that mark the beginning, the exponential jump and the maximum reached level: One is the map made by Martin de Moussy, to be presented/displayed in the exhibition of Paris in 1869; of the map published by the Peuser house in 1913, and of the published one by the Ministry of Transports of the Nation, published in 1950..


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