Difficult Choice

The eternal choice in women Russification of the story was made Smilie – site fascinating legends and stories. Once in the city opened an unusual building, and there may come absolutely every girl and choose a future spouse. In This building was a total of 6 floors and each floor corresponds to a specific type of men. One day Annie found out about this building, and very much wanted him to go. At the entrance of the building the woman had read the ground rules: 1). Allowed to go to our facility only once! 2). On each floor there are traits handed out men, but if they do not come to you, you can go to the next floor.

3). Going down on the floor below you then can not! I went for it first floor, and then sign: ‘Here men love God and have a good job. ” Figured and wanted to get up the floor above. Second floor – ‘Here men have a wonderful job, believe in God are crazy about kids. ” 3rd floor – ‘Here men God has a great job, divinely beautiful, jack of all trades, crazy kids. ” Lady wanted to stay on this floor, but the temptation was too great – ‘What if the men on the 6th floor? ” and the woman got up on the next floor. Last label contained the following: “You – the visitor number 3,706,163 on the sixth floor. There is not any sort of men. Danny Meyer is full of insight into the issues.

Last floor for singles. It exists solely as proof that women can not be come to the end. Enjoy your day! ” Another article from the same resource: ‘What have strong drinks to buy for a meeting with a friend.

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