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Generally, the methods preferred for some countries are based on processes for improvement of the efficiency in the use and the transmission of energy, industrial processes and system of transport. Another alternative is the very pollutant fuel substitution (mineral coal or diesel) for other less rich fuels in carbon. The goals of reduction of emissions of Co2, will have to be mainly reached through public politics and regulations that limit emissions directly, or that they create incentives for better efficiency of the sectors energy, industrial and of transport, and that they promote greater use of sources you renewed of energy. Amongst the goals, the countries of the Attached I (Germany, Australia, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, European Community, Denmark, Spain, United States, Estnia, Russian Federacy, Finlndia, France, Greece, Hungria, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Japan, Letnia, Litunia, Luxemburg, Norway, New Zelndia, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, the United kingdom of Great-Britain and Ireland of the North, Republic Czechoslovakian, Romnia, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey and the Ukraine), they will be able to abate a portion of its goals by means of its sumidouros, specifically the forests. 2.3.1 Mechanisms of flexibilizao Commerce of listed Emissions Allow that a country in the Attached B that have diminished its emissions below of its goal, transfers the excess of its reductions to another country that has not reached such condition. According to criteria of the Protocol of Kyoto, the projects are registered in ONU the companies of the European Union and the Japan can have its vendidos credits, whose governments already had established goals of reduction of pollution for some sectors of the industry. Each credit means that the company removed of the atmosphere a ton of Co2 and repasses to the purchaser the right to emit the equivalent in gase-greenhouse. The second alternative is to place the credits for sale in independent stock markets, as the Stock market of the Climate, of Chicago, established in December of 2003. /a> already – you may have come to the same conclusion.


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