Expensive Car

A classic model of Ferrari becomes the sold most expensive car until never before in an auction. The sum of money that has paid by the car has been of more than 16 million dollars. The car at issue is a classic model of the Italian company/signature Ferrari, Ferrari 250 Head Rossa Prototype of 1957. This car participated, at the time in the famous French race of Le Mans and it has been auctioned in California. From always the Ferrari company it has been and it will continue being a symbol of automobile competition being one of the most beautiful machines never created.

It is the company leader in sport cars. Only they at the time left to the market nineteen cars this model and two prototypes. Its buyer we do not know to that it is dedicated but what we know is that must have a good pay when having to pay a good amount in insurances for cars. This car has been bought as a investment since the old cars suppose great tangible assets.


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