Federal Reserve

The trade last night, was largely technical. The stock market yesterday, also saw mixed results, which added pressure as traders digested the measures taken by the Federal Reserve. Yesterday, the data published in the UK, exceeded expectations, the pair euro / pound gained ground, and some operators believe that soon the EURO and GBP will have a par value very similar. Rumors that the Bank of Japan will intervene in the market, kept the USD / JPY firm, registered in the area maximum of 89.33 and the lowest in Asia in the area of 87.17. At the beginning of the session in New York was around 88.50 a pair.

The record book in the 1.5619 maximum and minimum of 1.5360, and apparently is close to the EURO. The euro continued to rise at night, with highs in the 1.4721, while stops were placed at 1.4650 but then the pair fell in an attempt to reach 1.4700. Recorded in the 1.4346 minimum. Apparently, now, most operators are opening long positions, and a correction may happen, the stops are being placed on protection in the 1.4180 Fibonacci. USD / CHF 1.0411 recorded lowest in those who go away in long, the pair has already crossed the 200 MA and not many prospects a boost. The expectations are changing, and await further losses.

USD / CAD was under pressure recorded in the minimum and maximum 1.1817 at 1.1993. The USD is undoubtedly under pressure. In my opinion, if the USD take strength, will be a selling opportunity.


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