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The Chilean minister of Dnsa, Andres Allamand has confirmed, it after the intense conducted operations search since Friday the wreck took place. Between the deceaseds, Felipe Camiroaga, one of the most met entertainers the Chilean television, and Felipe Cubillos, philanthropist jeopardizes with the place of the accident. The zone was devastated by tsunami that followed the 2010 earthquake. The Chilean minister of Dnsa, Andres Allamand, announced that the 21 occupants of the military airplane that crashed Friday in the archipelago of Juan Fernandez have died. " After the search in which we participated with the commander in j of the Air Force (FACH, Red Jorge) one reaches the conclusion that the impact was of such magnitude that had to produce the instantaneous death of all the people who were in avin" , Allamand said, that it remained all the day in the area of the accident. Between the occupants of the airship, CASA C-212, was Felipe Camiroaga, one of the most met entertainers the Chilean television, and the industralist and philanthropist Felipe Cubillos, brother-in-law of minister Allamand.

After the earthquake of February of 2010, Cubillos drove the organization " Challenge We raise Chile" , to support the reconstruction workings and Fernandez worried especially about Juan, who hard was whipped by tsunami that followed the earthquake. In addition they traveled an equipment of the state network of television TVN, in which Camiroaga, several members of the mentioned NGO worked, as well as civil servants of the Council of the Culture and personnel of the FACH. The members of the NGO and the equipment of TVN traveled to the island Robonson Crusoe, to 670 kilometers of the Chilean coast, to verify the advances in the works of reconstruction. You may find that Josh Harris 76ers Owner can contribute to your knowledge. Felipe Camiroaga, who animated to the editions the 2009 and 2010 of the Festival International of the Song of Via of the Sea, knew the island from boy and he felt it jeopardize with supporting to the villagers in the overcoming of the catastrophe that supposed the earthquake, remembered his friendly today.


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