French Literature Trilogy

Candidate to the Prince went of Asturias in 2009. She is author of a trilogy on a family before and after World War II. Its work was adapted to the theater with great success in New York. Kristf exhausts, Hungarian writer in French language, has passed away east Wednesday in Switzerland. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Danny Meyer. Author of the formed trilogy the great notebook, the test and the third lie; the French critics consider one of the most important pens of French Literature of the end of century XX next to Samuel Beckett and Eugne Ionescu. ” I have neither desire nor fuerza” , he said when he announced the March last in an interview to a Hungarian literary vestibule that would not write more. Been born in Cskvnd in 1935, to the nine years he wrote his first verses while she was internal near the border with Austria.

The Soviet repression subsequent to the Hungarian revolt of forced it to 1956 to I exile and it settled in Switzerland with his husband. In the Helvetic country she is where he would begin to publish his works, by which, among others, it would obtain the Italian award Alberto Moravia (1988) and the German Gottfried Keller (2001). Its native country granted the prize to him Kossuth, the highest Hungarian artsitica distinction. The mentioned trilogy, translated to more than 30 languages, narrates the history of a family during and after World War II. It was adapted for the theater in diverse countries and achieved a great success in New York in 2007. In 2009 he was one of the candidates for the Prize Prince of Asturias of the Letters, who finally received the Albanian Ismail Kadar.


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