Gentleman One

These you write and fariseos, are hybrid, do not bear fruit, are droughts, have not perceived that the true conversion, the authentic thing, is the one that works of the skin for inside for that reason it is that walks by the life like Christmas little trees with the adornments hung of their dry branches. Ay of you, you write and fariseos, hypocrites! because you clean the one of outside the glass and the plate, but on the inside you are full of robbery and injustice. Blind Fariseo! Clean first the one of within the glass and the plate, so that also the one of outside is clean. Ay of you, you write and fariseos, hypocrites! because you are similar to whitened tombs, that by go, to the truth, they are beautiful, more on the inside they are full of dead bones and all rubbish. Thus also you by go, the truth, you are right the men, but on the inside you are full of hypocrisy and iniquity. .

Mateo 23:25 28 I know which repeals in exclusive form the right and the authority to build in the name of Jesus, do not do it impelled by the pride, as either I do not create, that exists other reasons that are not the genuine desire to help and to orient to which but coexists under their area of influence whom adjudges this attribution, will have to know the concept very clearly, that representation of, does not mean in no way; substitution or abstention of the represented one. Not all that says to me: Gentleman, Gentleman, will enter the kingdom of skies, but the one that makes the will of my Father who is in skies. They will say many me in that one day: Gentleman, Gentleman, we did not prophesy in your name, and in your name we sacked demons, and in your name we made many miracles? And then I will declare to them: I never knew you; apartaos of me, hacedores of badness .


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