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VictoriCars Joins Web 2.0 in order to expand their channels of communication with customers and prospects. The car rental company VictoriCars has joined the latest trend on the Internet, Social Networks. According to Wikipedia: A social network is a social structure that can be represented in the form of one or more graphs in which nodes represent individuals (sometimes referred to as actors) and edges relationships between them. These are Web applications that allow us to connect people with friends and even make new friends. They also allow users to share content, interact and create communities of similar interests. Among the most successful social networks are having in Europe include Facebook and Twitter. In 2004, Mark Zuckerberg, a student at Harvard University had the idea of creating an online community where students could share their tastes, thoughts, concerns, etc. Slowly, after the success of the educational environment within the network decided to open all users of Internet, reaching reach over 300 million users have today.

In 2006, Twitter was born as a research project of Obvious, LLC. Twitter is a free service microblogin, that is, a website where users can send discharged small entry in text mode, called “tweets”. These updates are displayed in the user profile page, and are also sent immediately to other users who have chosen the option of receiving them. In short, both tools are new communication channels that allow to maintain a closer relationship with customers and real. What makes VictoriCars on Facebook? VictoriCars Facebook has created what is known as a Home Business.

A page of these features is to create a Facebook profile business-oriented. In this page, which is freely accessible, we released the latest developments, news and offers in Madrid, etc. A Business page allows users who visit the possibility of a fan of the page. Thus, any updates that take place in the page VictoriCars be replicated automatically in the profiles of their fans, keeping them updated in real time. In addition, as a rule, the fans have certain advantages, only accessible to them, as currently some discounts on service, Barcelona, Alicante … For more information VictoriCars What is Twitter? VictoriCars has also created a Twitter profile in order to inform their customers in real time through micromensajes. As with Facebook, through this tool is trying to promote the new news, promotions and offers related to car hire service. For more information visit In both cases, the intention is not only to inform fans and supporters if not the, over time, two-way communication with them. This is one of the principles of Web 2.0, the active participation of all actors in order to achieve a common benefit, and particularly at a time.


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