At this point as lucky if you did not come in the midst of the season, then you can go relatively quickly, perhaps in a couple of hours you have to sit crammed bus, where not even move it will be difficult, the availability of tickets is not always means that you will have a seating position. In this main part adventure ends. The bus will take you to the bus station Gelendzhik, which is can be said for the city. From there a bus to the center once or twice a hour, so quite a bit of adventure and you are here. Now a few words about the alternative – a trip by taxi. At first glance you for a relatively small amount of lose all the hassle.

Actually taxi ride, too, is fraught with their own dangers. First, the price will be at least 250-300 rubles per person, well again, if you arrive too early in the morning (some trains arrive at 4 am) or late (some come in about 12 nights) there could be taxi drivers have fun plenty. So, if you have four and you're ready to leave 1000 with a few rubles, then you quickly go to your next adventure. If you would be two or three, you'll have to wait indefinitely until the owner finds you a taxi traveling companion that does not always happen quickly. Well, now, you're finally in a taxi and go to Gelendzhik.

As soon as the taxi driver will offer you the best of accommodation with all the facilities near the beach and at virtually no cost. To reject such proposals is difficult, you still try to take back to show the "beauty" site. If you manage to convince a taxi driver that you are not housing interest (which is hard to do if you are not local), then he landed you on the same bus station, which is practically out of town or take pay for what he podvezet you some more.

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