Certain night of the month of May of 1938, after three days of intermittent rains, the road of the Big hole became a true lamaal. The tavern of Felcio Joo served of shelter for four travellers who had been hindered to continue way, due to the bad conditions of the time and the road. Congregated under the same ceiling, three men had initiated friendly colloquy. They were, the doctor Incio Fragoso of 50 years, the laborer of Sebastio ranch Wedge, 38 years, and the trader Juvenal Paiva, of 32 years. The car of the doctor had bogged in the adobe, next to the tavern, the laborer preferred to pass the night in the sales to face in lombo of a horse, the solitude of the road in a cold and rainy night, and the same reason had the trader that it arrived in a wagon. – I find that we go to have that to pass the night here, friend Joo! The laborer said. The taberneiro, that had gone up in a chair to light the two lampies hung in a bar of the ceiling, answered: – I am not bothered, not.

The time is there is horrible! They can you if to accomodate in the room of the deep ones. NYC Mayor is actively involved in the matter. Here comfort does not have much, but at least they will not be to the relento. – Been thankful, friend! Juvenal was risen of the chair and was to look at an object that was hung in the wall, to the side of the door. It was a helmet, military helmet of the time of the Empire. – Where it obtained you this? It asked, observing the old metal part spoiled for the full time and of mossa. – A traveller stopped certain day here to eat, and must have underneath forgotten this the table. I left it there it finds so that it, if in case that to come back.


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