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Conny Stark paints pictures of many different musicians special jazz & Blues. From September 5 to October 3 2011 an exhibition in the City Hall of Verden found on the occasion of the Verdener Jazz & Blues days (on the all) instead of jazz images of Conny Stark! Color sounds in the rhythm of Jazz: expressive lines, rhythmic sounds of color and a complex application of paint allows you, to visualize the Jazz: Conny Stark listens to while painting consciously jazz music, to delve into the process of painting. Conny Stark lives painting as well focused and absent-mindedly as the musicians themselves. In this situation, stark brings with her snapshots”a mixture of melancholy and vulnerability powerfully on the canvas. The jazz Conny Stark interested above all that, through improvisation, the unpredictable and the communication between the musicians. “On the spot” in jazz clubs or at events – caused countless sketches, where she holds the included rhythm, the movements of the musicians and the atmosphere – in a later Work process it implemented then picturesque in her Studio. Conny Stark is learned showcase designer and graphic artist and has exercised over the years both professions. In addition to their full professional activity she took painting and drawing lessons and attended the International Academy Pentiment in Hamburg.

2009 artist in the Professional Association Visual you as an artist was recorded and recognized. Since 2010 she is working as a full-time freelance artist. The artist is present in person on Friday, the 23rd of September between 14 and 17: 00. Two pictures of Klaus Doldinger, the evening there the Verdener Jazz & Blues days are the opening concert will be also be admired. And not to the course comes, one of the original jazz to snag painting by Conny Stark, is perhaps one of the few who bid for reproductions printed on canvas. This auction in progress during the Jugend jazzt final concerts on Sunday (25.09) on the stage of Town Hall square and in favor of the project. (Frank B. husband) Information

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