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A such complex, conveniently brought together in a single seminar, we currently only offer. We stand behind it with Nicole Hollmann and Dieter Baedorff two experienced practitioners who have read their knowledge not only from textbooks or thresh only grey theory straw. “Well, the best teacher is the daily practice on the sales front, says Nicole Hollmann. Me and my partner can bring lots of practical experience to our seminar in the field of sales technology as well as in the communication and time management. Together, confirmed Nicole Hollmann not without pride, you bring it on over 30 years of practical experience in its purest form. Dieter attacks this thread Baedorff on: lifestyle grab the annoying problem of managers total overload finally once integral to and at the same time take into account physical, mental and organisational points of view.

While competition seminars were usually only individual areas on wallpaper, you put in lifestyle everything in mind, to go as far as possible all stress triggers and eliminate practical. Day 1: round to Nicole Hollmann’s health goes into detail: “take, for example, the physical aspect, the fitness level and health. Here we go with our seminars literally, because on the first day two well-known practitioner of each seminar participant study with Albert H. Ruch and Jurgen Tilger through its paces. The basis for a professional nutrition plan, Michael Voetgen, an equally renowned nutrition expert for each participant individually works out and discusses this thorough health check. Because a nutrition, so loud the relevant experience, could in most cases also significantly increase well-being such as the performance. And so everyone, of the way lifestyle have found, is at the switch on the new food label not torment must, Michael Voetgen also teach each manager to control the glowing on cravings for enamel killende snacks without nutritional value even under stress and casual to upgrade to much healthier alternatives.This been effective new approach actually works, assured Dieter Baedorff.Alone is already the seminar fee value. Day 2: personal fitness training with Calmund grinder Joey “Kelly at the next day’s then very very athletic goes to: fitness and movement is the motto of the day.

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