Michael Korsanov

"The money goes to someone they like and do not need, but who at the same time with pleasure and enthusiasm to earn them." Michael Korsanov, business coach Yes, it's true! And in this great justice life! Or injustice … Who As. After all, seem to be just that money went to the most needy … But no! Do not love these colorful pieces of paper in need, losers, whiners and all of those who die of hunger. Somehow this way the world works.

And there is not done, we just have to obey its laws. Only the laws are different. Some laws of Needs and Poverty and quite different – in prosperity and wealth. Let's start with the obvious. Answer (not for me, for myself) on a simple question. Who will get more money when shooting a movie very simple scene – the usual, an unknown statistician or a star, even if it is not the first magnitude? The answer, I hope, obvious. And here's another question. And how much more? The answer is not so straightforward, but I dare to assume that the result does not differ at times, but on the orders (in the tens, hundreds or thousands of times).

And it's for the same work done! And here's another question. Who will get into sports more – who was the first, or the one who came after him. Stupid question first, and the answer is equally obvious. And if the first win is not obvious, on points, and was ahead by only half a horse's nose …? All in all a little bit! A reward more obviously not on a little bit. That's so …

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