Moscow Reign

It was advantageous to Godunov, long forcing his son to study management of the state and clearly intending to establish a new dynasty. From this perspective, Dmitri, who in spite of illegitimacy, if necessary could easily recognize the heir to the throne, was a hindrance. But you must admit, the poor case in an unsafe game could be a coincidence. Godunov generally disliked by the people. In Moscow conflagration, Boris helped fire victims, but it is rumored announced an arsonist. There was talk, that the Crimean Khan and he drew on the walls of the capital, to divert attention from the murder of Dmitry.

Naturally, when January 7, 1598 Tsar Fedor died, people decided that without the help of brother-in-there has not been. Godunov, over the years has experienced manager, he and his associates firmly grown together with the "business people" and it is not surprising that the February 17, 1598 the Zemsky Sobor, with the filing of the patriarch Job, decided to 'beat Boris Feodorovich petition and no one but himself to state do not look. " Maybe Boris understood that full reign – yet it is not, perhaps, a premonition that something can be understood, that if he wins another candidate and his family would be bad, maybe just wanted to create an illusion of a popularly elected. Anyway, he gave his consent only after the threat of ecclesiastical excommunication. And September 1, 1589, Boris is crowned to reign as the first king of a new dynasty. Beginning of the reign was peaceful.

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