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Strangely enough, but the prevalence of identity and the large number of bands did not contribute to the promotion of punk to the masses. Those groups that existed in the 60-70 years of XX century, were content to small and not tried to break into the big stage, many of them even did studio recordings. The primary audience consisted of fans of punk, from school, vocational-shnik and students, and the style was a mixture of blues and skiffle. A little later, in mid-70s punk musical direction began to wonder to spread rapidly throughout the United States. First, in New York and Detroit, where there were bands like MC5 – Motor city five, a group of Detroit, which had a sharp anti-social orientation and played tough enough music. Velvet Underground also differed aggressive texts, and to some extent, opposed themselves to the ideology of the hippies.

And finally, Iggy and the Stooges – a group with the most "punk" singer in the face of a young Iggy Pop, which is arranged on the stage these spectacular view: clothes off, scratch his chest to draw blood, jumped into the hall, and it all happened under the eerie shrieks and terrible primitive music. The second wave of punk was noted in the mid-'70s groups Reamon, Talking Heads, New York Dolls. Originally a punk rock was mostly club music for intellectuals. But then, when that style was replicated England, everything has been turned on its head. And the reason for the coup was the appearance of Sex Pistols, who managed to not only win the wildly popular among the true fans of the style, but also to introduce a completely new kind of fashion of punk. Later this style perceived exclusively as a music-generation-what is called "no future". It protested against the decay of society, middle class, rampant corruption, and religion. It was the revolt of a generation. However, povalny protest lasted far short, by the end of the '70s punk began to turn into a commercial structure, many musicians have signed expensive contracts with rekordingovymi (sound recording) companies, and punk was no longer symbolize that a strong protest, which was originally put in its basis.

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