Niklas Luhmann

“And the examples of Riepl demonstrate very good media to die” and lose their media character. So the Messenger is long no medium more, which established as such in any way, it would be socially dominant in the 21st century”, so lazy stitch (introduction to the media sciences, UTB 2404, S. 158 ff.). The so-called Unverdrangbarkeitsgesetz’ is no law at all and simply wrong as a thesis. Here misconceptions and misjudgments of history so deep in the debate have dug its way according to lazy stitch, that they no longer be questioned. Where is the journalistic duty of care? It constructs are in the world again and again can be blown, viewed even if it is already as refuted. After analysis of the sociologist Niklas Luhmann, the writing, printing and computer led to profound cultural upheavals.

Luhmann talks even of disasters”. Already the font makes the understanding of communication and the response to communication regardless of the presence of the Communicator. In the middle ages the semantic evolution crucially depended on however, in which libraries which manuscripts have been kept and what coincidences arises the reader on the rare manuscripts. Computer communication, so Luhmann, data entry and retrieval of information is separated as far as, that there is no identity. Who enters something, do not know what is taken on the other side.

The authority of the source is expendable, and replaced by the obscurity of the source. Also eliminates the ability to identify the intent of a message and to nourish suspicions or to draw other conclusions, which could lead to the acceptance or rejection of the communication. The modern computer technology, the slip box sociologist Luhmann has never used, attacking the authority of experts. Now, almost everyone has the opportunity, the statements of scientists, journalists, entrepreneurs and politicians on their own computer to check. The classic Media lose their power of selection.


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