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With person accounts, an operational and strategic environment is not lit by kan using a person’s balance sheet only shows the “what is” but also the “what his could” (potential, perspectives). In the competition for skilled workers, “soft”, qualified as not assessable personnel factors play an increasingly important role. These “intangibles” a transparent, comprehensible and uniform continuous Bewertungssytematik can be conveyed to the person record. Ask the staff controlling: knowledge is kept frequently, because it is connected to that power and prestige? remains the most important knowledge often limited to individual employees? Techniques of knowledge multiplication used? are knowledge – and competence networks built and used? Personnel controlling functions: personnel controlling as an integrated planning, information and control system, the controlling idea is transferred to the HR functions. At the operational level personnel controlling focuses on objectives, i.e.

Planning and identification of personnel characteristics, control as a target/actual comparison, variance analysis, development of suggestions for improvement. At the strategic level, it makes sense to bring a close link between human resource development and business planning. On the basis of the following personal portfolio dealing with the questions: what is the current performance? What should the future potential for development look like? In the framework of holistic development on the basis of the concept for comprehensive accounts of the person an operational and strategic environment describes, among other things by Becker, Jorg: personnel controlling means a person record, ISBN 978 3 8391 0177 3. The tasks of personnel controlling counts, to coordinate personnel planning and control. This should be taken, that ensures the compatibility of human resources planning with the other planning of part of (sales, manufacturing, procurement, investment, financial planning), as well as the overall business planning. Should the staff controlling Environment changes in the personnel area, identify and develop appropriate adaptation strategies. These instruments can be developed which enable an assessment of the effects of human resources management to the achievement of the performance targets.

Since the HR is influenced and regulated by laws, case law, collective bargaining agreements, operating agreements, among other things, of personnel controlling instruments should be designed very flexibly. An effective personnel information system for personnel controlling vital is because this determines the quality of the personal information produced from the output data. Only who knows its location, can decide on the correct route to your destination: cf. Becker, Jorg: personnel controlling by means of a person’s balance sheet from the factual to the tactical, ISBN 978 3 8391 0177 3. Informed, vote-enabled action recommendations can be derived from the results for the HR controlling. The representation of sets the dynamics of effect relations Open with lever – and feedback effects between personal factors. Jorg Becker


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