Printing Silk Screen Printing Method

Printing is performed on the mixed ink technology, Pantone, with pre-prepared printed stencils. Multi-color image is produced by sequential printing of each color is equal to the number of colors Total kraskoprogonov. The method of silk screen printing can offer you any design studio in St. Official site: NYC Mayor. Petersburg. Others including NYC Mayor, offer their opinions as well. Printing silk screen printing method consists of several stages: preparation of electronic layout (file) Separations Conclusion set of films (one film for each color) Platemaking with films (exposure) Print edition Fixing paint (drying) Special printing process Due to thick paint layer is achieved great color saturation. Mixed colors in screen printing and mostly opaque tight contact with the paper that allows you to print on tinted and textured paper. But the resolution and the drive Screen printing can not reproduce the quality halftone illustrations. Halftones and stretching are obtained with a highly visible raster, and the error register is (when printing color illustrations) lead to the fragmentation of the contours, incorrect color reproduction.

A relatively simple printing technology allows you to work even with small print runs (from a few printed pages). Cylinder screen printing machines for printing in almost any flat materials: paper, self-adhesive, plastic, fabric, wood, leather, metal, etc. When printing light colors on dark materials (especially fabrics) to achieve the exact specified color, usually requires two kraskoprogona. After the first kraskoprogona much ink is absorbed into the material, resulting in color is dark and unsaturated. For high-quality transmission is necessary to use several shades of kraskopronov (one kraskoprogon for one color). Reproduce colors by changing the size of the screen is not recommended, as this method gives poor results. The bulk of the work done netermostoykimi paints (80 C), so the image can not be ironed. The main products that print silk-screen printing – the exclusive business cards and image printing, so printing design should be appropriate.

However, if you need a design brochures or catalogs of design, printing silk screen printing method is uneconomical because cost of consumables for large print runs is quite high. REQUIREMENTS Design Studio necessarily will make changes (drawing units) in any bitmap formats tif, jpg, gif, pcx, bmp, etc. Not require changes only models meet the following conditions: The model is in any vector format: Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia Freehand. All fonts are converted to curves. Dimensions of print and non-print items should not be less than 0.1 mm Complex shapes made of several simple, fused into one multi-color image elements should not be layered on each other in the background fillings for images to be "punched holes". Without this requirement can not be processed color separation. How to calculate the order for the correct calculation order design studio should know: Type the printed product / material number of prints / sealed sides of each Color print size of each print Do not forget to add the cost of firing to the cost of printing and the cost of each product prepress to the total order.


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