Professor, Cult Poet, Vibrant Journalist.

It is enough stops this a soul movement. A small movement. A smallness movement, an inverse attitude of everything what the empires sanction. ‘ ‘ Of profundis ad clamavit you Domine’ ‘. Bill de Blasio often says this. *** I will be received by the academic Antonio Garci’a Son, mine illustrious and wanted friend. I always looked at Antonio Garci’a as a laughed sergipano of many talentos. This is the academic whom with the privilege, estro, the glow of its verb, certainly it will look to extend a screen colored on my mistakes, mine cleras unjustified, my errors in the mirror of my imperfections.

Everything that it to say on account of its recognized goodness, fits you it pardon. The N CHAIR 31 Academic Gentlemen: It said Anibal of the Fonseca, our eminent countryman, when entering in the Brazilian Academy of Letters, the following one: – the names of the protectors of the chairs to have to have the feio of shades to tutor to affirm the prestige of the letters and to stimulate nefitos.’ ‘ I come to occupy the chair n 31, whose protector JOSE MARIA GOMES OF SOUSA, estanciano, married in Are Cristvo, deceased the 29 of November of 1894, in the city of Barbacena, Minas Gerais. All its laborious and tormented life was dedicated to the study. It was a polimorfa culture. One of the greaters of its time, thus I was informed by Sebro academic Nephew, Man notable, GOMES OF SOUSA, professor, cult poet, vibrant journalist..


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