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In Russia, the agencies organizing the program very much, for example Studentur, Studentur, ICI, Putilin tour and others. That the program of Studentur (Studentur) for me? As a participant of the Work and travel USA, student legal work during the summer holidays in the United States in services (hotels, restaurants, parks, recreation and entertainment, shops, parks, etc.) within 3 to 5 months. You can travel throughout the United States, to witness the New York City and San Francisco, Boston and Chicago. A man whom beauty overseas have little interest in life, may all the cash earned by honest work to bring home here and put their ideas and projects. New Jersey Devils Owner has many thoughts on the issue. Each student will be able to find the job that fits his needs and interests.

Program participants are allowed to work at several jobs at once. Wages in the service sector is 7 to $ 13 for each hour of work. Most students work 10-12 hours a day. Language level of the participants of the program significantly increases a few weeks you will feel significant progress. Students already quite soon after arrival are able to maintain a conversation absence of a language barrier and a complex communication in a foreign language will be evident.

Work and Travel USA – it is an opportunity to test their strength and gain invaluable experience. This program is for those who are not afraid to overcome the obstacles to independence, autonomy and freedom. This is a great way for young people to learn how to decisively to set goals and achieve them, to know yourself and to make a breakthrough into the world of successful people. How much will I earn? Earnings of participants Program Work and Travel Studentur range from $ 7 per hour. On some operating positions provided the tip. Taking into account overtime, students are brought to Russia from 4 to 11 thousand dollars.

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