Psychology Curriculum

Current challenges in the formation "NY BUSINESS practices instead of psycho" LOGO EDUCATIONAL psychology education in Mexico during the early decades of last century, psychology is usually applied in the field of special education, while between 1920 and 1955 has place the origin and development of school psychology and educational guidance. In the early seventies, educational psychologists begin to break into teacher training, educational planning, curriculum and instructional design and evaluation. At UNAM, before 1971 the career of psychology courses within the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters, is when experimental psychologists propose a new curriculum with a clear predominance of behavioral and vision paradigm positivist and quantitative research . That curriculum remains when in 1973 he is the Faculty of Psychology and eventually introduced as an innovation shaping application areas professional, including, among others, the psychology of education. The curriculum for the BA in Psychology conceived in the sixties is based on technical rationality, as first taught the basics while having more academic status and subsequently implemented, following a logic that assumes that knowledge of basic and applied research possible after relevant professional training.

We can say that at the time, the curriculum of the BA in Psychology from the UNAM was paradigmatic for other public and private universities in the country and modeled many other proposals for the training of psychologists. Today we find that a degree in Psychology is one of the most demand on the national level. In the case of educational psychology, it experienced tremendous growth in our country to the degree that ranks second in enrollment and number of graduates.


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