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Or 'learning'. Or 'students'. Further, all the 'because' can be replaced by 'because', 'but' with 'but', 'good' to 'good' and so on. 'Jump-Word' dvadtsatistranichnogo essay will take about an hour or less, or more, depending on the adequacy of the perception of reading and typing speed. Result – 20-25 'extra' interest of originality. The second stage – the restructuring of text. Stage is more difficult, requires skill.

Here I offer 'from a sieve'. Bill de Blasio has firm opinions on the matter. Example: 'The management activities are very specific to their subject. " We, by the way has been replaced by the first stage of 'very' to 'very'. Now making restructuring proposals: 'By their subject management activity is very specific. " Tool for this is also very simple – the hyphenation is practically in any editor. The result – approximately plus 30% originality, the elapsed time – six to eight hours.

Or less. Or more. The third stage – 'fresh text. " This is the copy-paste. Each essay is full of definitions, and sometimes – general theoretical. Find in the Internet some new dictionary, or a new book, suitable topics, make the original text to date (check out a couple of tracks on antiplagiat py) and insert in the abstract heaps all sorts of terms as 'explanations'. Outcome – plus 20-30% of the original, time – an hour or two. Well, finally you can run through all the work to replace the xx century. at 20., Moscow on the Russian capital, St. Petersburg, the cultural capital of Russia and so on. Everything. Nobody will say that the essay you've downloaded, and system antiplagiat py confirm the fact of work. Someone might say, they say, such an approach is easier to write the work itself. I agree. At first – easier. But there is such a thing as experience. Sure, the tenth essay, rewriting will take you no more than an hour, and originality of his will no less than 75%. And yet. Continue to use the Internet, but use it correctly. For example, when searching for 'fresh text', looking not just 'a book on social psychology', and 'a unique book on social psychology '. Incidentally, there is no chance to deal with rewriting. Today appeared on the Internet resources on which you will be offered free of even the original work. Learn how to skillfully.


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