Salvador Sancha Caralin

Caralin Group, Spanish company specialized in comprehensive service to companies, was established in Burgos creating a delegation for the development of business in Castilla y Leon. The company opens a new delegation after several months analyzing profiles of candidates to head the new Office and having already communicated his interest in grow in this area. Get more background information with materials from NY museums . The person chosen to be Chief of sales of this delegation is Salvador Sancha Martin, Bachelor’s degree in business management and Marketing at ESIC, which has developed several projects to find commercial excellence and satisfaction of the customer in different national and international companies. The objective of Caralin Group seeks with this new Office is the generation of business in Castile and Leon, centralizing your activity from Burgos. Outsourcing of services is the management of human resources of greater elasticity method, through the integration of human and technical specialized media contributing to perform specific tasks (auxiliary), of This way companies concentrate on the essential part of your business by providing more time and resources, developing new areas of activity and increasing the benefits of your company, explains Salvador Sancha.

It is not the first experience of this group in Burgos since it provides external qualified personnel at the plant of L Oreal Spain of hair products, located in this city, with more than 600 employees. This factory is currently regarded as one of the best in the world by its production technology and performance. The projection of Caralin Group, founded in 2007, has been very positive, taking into account the crisis environment in which we operate. If at the end of the year of its creation, the company had reached 59,000 euros, in 2009 the company brushed the 624,000 euros and ended the year 2011 reached a turnover of more than 1 million euros. The fact of knowing deeply the sector services, makes Caralin Group an essential tool, with a high capacity and agility of response to meet the needs of each customer, based primarily on the qualification of the personnel, both in the operating Department when looking for the perfect profile of the people who developed tasks for each client.

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