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This client are expected Otto and Tchibo by 1 & 1, Dr. Oetker, which already are working on service concepts for the future. The second panel of the Day deals with the question of how to make the customer perspective to the starting point for the service design, to create sustainable customer experience. “The subsequent talk round computer of the AOK, Baur to shipping, BHW Bank and Nespresso titled learning from the best ‘ before, how they did it, that your service keeps the customer in focus and creates a learning service organization”, explains Sangeeta the program concept. In the last session of the day, a hot iron will”tackled.

Many companies in the search were one year after entry into force of the amendment to the data protection the right corridor between the technical possibilities of personalization, needs an efficient CRM and the new legal framework. On the second day, we give the customer perspective as a source for better service, self service on all channels, the proper implementation in the service organization and the optimum management and governance in four workshops. In workshop 1 customer experience’ who want to learn Participants, as the customer perspective can be used as a source for better service. Here are taught how they can create sustainable customer experience. Based on current best practice examples are can be ways how the customer dialog is the source for innovation and continuous development of the customer service and also unique features developed, “so the Voice Days plus speaker. “In workshop 2 service automation” it go to the self service across all channels.

Recent case studies from practice to the various self service channels will be presented. Workshop 3 give the proper design of processes and collaboration”in customer service. It discusses issues such as outsourcing, knowledge management and change management on the basis of reference samples. “In workshop 4 performance management” will taken and necessary management tools for continuous service improvement practice examples pointed out the point of view of quality management and controlling. All workshops are according to the organizers by designated Subject matter experts moderated, consultants who have many years of professional experience and relevant knowledge of the project. Steimel promises a Congress that is ad-free zone: timeliness, relevance and content quality of contributions be guaranteed by the program Advisory Committee. He, for example, comprises: VP customer service from O2, the Director of the adidas Service Center, the sales manager of the savings as bank or the CIO of Bizerba. Target group the Voice Days plus a broad spectrum would attract: CIOs, responsible for customer care, marketing and sales, CEO, decision makers in customer service, marketing and CRM executives, call center Manager, ICT Manager, experts from the sector for electronic dictionaries, carriers and value-added service providers. In short the event for all is interesting, a good customer interaction is important”, says Sangeeta. For the exhibition, provider of customer interaction technologies are addressed by the telephone customer contact, above all the following as Number one in favor of the customer is, about email management to new interaction channels such as Facebook or Twitter.

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