Shanghai Platform

With a new, flexible, individual online platform for 27 merchants. Plus the collaboration portal. Developed by mediaman Shanghai. Mainz/Shanghai, in June 2010. A flexible online platform for its current 27 dealers has let develop Porsche mediaman Shanghai of China.

With the centrally-controlled platform ensures a distinctive brand Porsche in China, and at the same time allows its merchants to integrate individual content yourself. A dealer portal has established for the effective cooperation of the dealer with the Porsche headquarters in China mediaman in addition. There are standards for structure, design, image and video formats of dealer Web pages. Via the content management system customized by mediaman, the dealer can replace a set of content elements depending on the required. Headings, texts and images are automatically brought in the Porsche Design already while typing. Also the new contact options are clearly arranged and user-friendly: General inquiries on the agreement of test drives and service appointments up to the signing up to events, converge all data about a single form system in a central pool. With the uniform organization of data and clearly defined processes, Porsche China supports individual traders in the processing of requests. Operation and administration of the technical platform, the monitoring will be taken over by the Porsche headquarters in China.

In addition the dealer through a dealer portal with the headquarters of Porsche China are linked: the common online platform has mediaman exactly the Porsche and the traders tailored to requirements. Here are always up-to-date content available, and the tracking and monitoring data important for online marketing will be provided. As a transparent and reliable exchange between the Porsche dealers and Porsche’s central China is guaranteed. Example for a merchant site on the new platform: about Porsche Porsche (China) Motors Ltd is a subsidiary of Dr. ing hc F. Porsche AG. Since 2001 Porsche supports its dealers China with dedicated staff in the marketing and after sales activities.


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