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Development Department

This can warmly & care warming foot cream help to prevent. “The new cream makes smooth and soft feet with Kokosolen and Glycerin,” says Dr. Maike Kuhlmann from the research and Development Department by Beiersdorf. “So to support the skin’s natural moisture balance and keep the feet clean and healthy.” 5. the winter events that […]

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Carlos Montillo

The world is, number XXI, the last of the major arcana, although some markings give this place the Loco, with the number XXII. But in general, it is considered this last as the arcane without number. The world is an extremely positive arcane, the only one whose appearance in tarot Chuck is capable of balancing […]


LAN Performs The Largest Latino Aircraft To Airbus Order

The Chilean airline LAN has made the largest order of aircraft to a company of Latin America has acquired from Airbus, with the purchase of 50 A320 aircraft, thus bringing the number of aircraft requested to the European manufacturer to 150 devices. The price of each A320 aircraft acquired by LAN, which already operates 60 […]

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Online Beauty Industry

Berlin encounter rising expectations, personalization, high technology & top service 14.01.2014. The E-Commerce boom changed the beauty industry. The so far lower than average share of online purchases will be the study staff care 2020 “of IFH according to Cologne and KPMG, in the next few years rapidly increasing. Flaconi know what will change for […]

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