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The Jewish

The Jewish calendar”provides in-depth information and forms, he is, as Dr. Rolf Michaelis in the time” wrote, a smart reading book”sometimes pensive, even cheerful. “” Tradition and information of the Jewish calendar “they profess no religious reference book, but culturally and ideologically on the CIS” focused. Yet: Who would like to know, for example, when […]

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Fischer Verlag

Since 2003 Professor Schoeps served as spokesman of the heirs of the banker Paul by Mendelssohn-Bartholdy to the restitution of various works of art from their possession. Beginning of 2009 occurred in this issue to a comparison with the Guggenheim Museum and the Museum of modern art in New York City. The heritage of the […]

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Britta Kummer

Man and horse live closely together for millennia. Anyone who has never dealt with horses, don’t know what is special to them. A horse is a free, independent, and incredibly strong. It is a wonderful feeling when your horse goes along with you and follows. You encourage and call you, are honest and straightforward, let […]

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Top Hotel Conquered The Middle East

German magazine for hotel management now was now presents the 64-seitige, English-language edition of the journal founded in 1983 in Landsberg am Lech, top hotel with first international subsidiary in Dubai, the booming despite the international financial crisis world center of the five-star hotel of. “None other than the German Consul-General in the Emirate of […]

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Central European History

Mecklenburg publishing Neubrandenburg publishes unique reference this book combines 2000 years of Central European history in a band and is used the reader not only as a lexicon, but also as a reference book. It is thus a treasure trove for educators, learners and all historically interested. In the center of the reference work is […]

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