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Laurie Jupiter

Manhattan (Billy Crudup) the Viet Nam war. Richard Nixon enters his for the fifth time Office time and Russia is still the strongest opponents, with which a war is imminent. The Group of Adrian Veidt (Matthew Goode), the most smartest man in the world, dominated the world economy. Dr. Manhattan and Veidt the “Minutemen” were […]

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Asleep With Shooting Star: Sleep Baby Sleep

The new double CD from shooting star publishing is here. All know and love them, they are the first songs we hear. Mama sang us with them in the bedroom, Dad, Grandma or Grandpa have hummed it us in the ear. Songs by evening silence, by the good Moon, his sheep, and the stars are […]

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Roland Rube & Ariane Kranz On Air – A Thousand Red Roses

Every parting is a new beginning OLAF (the flippers) any farewell began a solo career a new beginning came with the album “A thousand red roses” is OLAF after the separation of his band “The flipper” solo on the stage back and on air with Roland Rube and Ariane Kranz was exclusive: ( as “The […]

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News From Gill Star

Berlin singer Ali conquered America star step by step with the listing at the US music sales promo only Inc. and the inclusion in the clip-rotation at the CALIFORNIA MUSIC CHANNEL (CMC) has the Berlin singer Ali star two more steps done in order to gain a foothold in the difficult music market in the […]

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26-German Rock & Pop Awards

Worms artists for the 2.mal consecutive awarded… Ralf Gauck – the worms artist was awarded Federation and the German pop Foundation in two categories this year by the jury of the German rock musician best BASSIST and best INSTRUMENALSOLIST. Music greats such as Pur, July, Yvonne Catterfeld, Mundstuhl and the famous actor Saravanan Aleardi took […]

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First she breathe gentle tones into the microphone, then rocked like crazy. Helen Schneider and her band will present music at the highest level. Braunschweig, 28 September 2009 Carola Heider Leporale. Wanted to perform all this, what embodies Helen Schneider as an artist and musician, and represents it quite simply is beyond the scope of […]

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