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Brazil Environment

These capacities had brusquely changed the form of relationship man-nature. With the urbanization of the cities the man ahead takes route uncertain of the nature and started to explore it in way nonsense. Initially the urbanization aimed at to create a harmony in a context where if it very thought about a geographically small base […]


European Union

Generally, the methods preferred for some countries are based on processes for improvement of the efficiency in the use and the transmission of energy, industrial processes and system of transport. Another alternative is the very pollutant fuel substitution (mineral coal or diesel) for other less rich fuels in carbon. The goals of reduction of emissions […]


Areas Protected By Law

Valley to resaltar that as' ' ressacas' ' (humid areas) they are protected by Law (law n455199) state that it forbids: Implantation and potentially polluting functioning of establishment. Land workmanship planagem, aterramento, land division and opening of canals. Ultilizao as dump. Any activity that threatens to extinguish the species of the flora and Final the […]


New York

To conciliate environment with healthful life becomes inevitable to have the support basic rule that it thinks about current and the future generations. To adentrar in the subject that will be boarded with focus in article 225 of our great letter, it fits to mention the definition of animal, vegetal life and human being, to […]


Web Life

We do not have to underestimate to the people who feel attracted by this type of philosophies like which she raises the law of the attraction because although can be buying faithfuls we must understand that he is not ethical and well she is not seen none to try to only use the motivation of […]

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In first place, he would like to alert it not to believe everything that is published by pertaining organizations the ONU, therefore, many times, such actions and orientaes have the objective to make with that countries of first world continue to keep its hegemony, in economic and technological terms. This seems to be the case […]


Rio De Janeiro

Being thus, a system of complementation of the net, small hidroeltricas central offices, solar plants and mainly aeolian plants, that would exactly generate more energy in the periods of low sazonalidade of the hidrogrficas basins, seems to be the correct alternative most sensible and (I CASTRATE et al, 2009). REFERENCES: ANEEL? National agency of Electric […]


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