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Web Each

Once we have done that the Web site is completely accessible, optimized for navigators, resolutions and is visible without needing no additional nor strange complement for the users. We can begin to heighten usabilidad analysis. We begin with simple navigability test: Our menu is completely visible, he is at sight and are distinguished well each […]


Photoshop Tutorial

Remember as you read fashion magazine and would like to have your photo as well as photos of famous shining models? Now with Photoshop you can do it yourself. This is a pretty simple tutorial that teaches you how to get a smooth shiny effect on your photos. What do you think, due to what […]

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Catalogs and ratings – is the foundation of the modern Internet. They are quite popular, and in this article we will try to figure out how to make the most of this popularity. What do you give this method? The first and most important – visitors. For example, someone looking for catalogs and ratings. For […]

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Santa Claus Site

If you decide to try your hand in the business – you need "office on the Internet." Internet – the most successful area for business or to find partners, and the site – not just the face of your company, but also a resource that runs on increase in profits. Create an online store – […]

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Site Development

Virtually all we came face to face with such a concept as a development site, but not all of us know the meaning laid down in the concept. To understand what is meant by development of the site, let us specify that – it hard work of professionals in the field of programming and design, […]

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