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Process Optimization

Behrens & Schuleit displays on the Xerox Innovation session 2010, how workflow and document management solutions contribute to the optimization of business processes. Dusseldorf the Behrens & Schuleit GmbH invites its customers and all interested parties from 7 to 9 September 2010 to the Xerox Innovation session a to Neuss. The Dusseldorf company which belongs […]

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Parallels Desktop The Egg-laying Wool Milk Sow For All Apple / Mac User?

Parallels Desktop is a virtualization software. Parallels Desktop allows you to use Apple user software that is otherwise only Microsoft Windows users available and this promises without noticeable performance loss. What it promises is Parallels Desktop? What makes it so much better or more successful than the competitor’s product VmWare? Is boot camp a discontinued […]

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Strong In Combination – Customer Experience Management And ECM In Practice

The current white paper by Pentadoc shows radar application cases, as an efficient customer communications through the combination of CEM and ECM is possible. The need to distinguish themselves from competitors is undisputed. But neither the price nor the product are sufficient in today’s technologically influenced world for it. New ways must be created to […]

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AZS System AG Organizes Workshop On The KOMCOM Nord 2010

Wednesday, 10.02.2010, 13:00 13:45, room 22 AZS system AG, a leading systems integrator for comprehensive and complex solutions of improving the digital business processes through the use of field-proven solutions for the time and human resources, as well as the access control in churches, public institutions and the Administration presented the areas of personnel management, […]

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SocialNetwork YouTube

Modern tasks for companies the flying dog enterprise social network has been expanded to a modern task management. The special feature of this project management solution is the simplicity, the user to this function. In social networks tasks result in practice often on-the-fly content and discussions about this content. Now so easily created and assigned […]

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File storage in the TASKbox dropbox connection advanced TASKbox successful and free for private users task management offers the opportunity for user logged-in files to the individual tasks to drop. Just the work of the team is important files about a task management accelerates through the direct exchange and efficient. Within the task management TASKbox, […]

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Gegenbauer holding SA & co. KG uses IAM & SSO from the Institute for System-Management GmbH In March 2011 that could iSM after a successful pilot the GEGENBAUER holding SA & co. KG (UGB) as a new customer for the bi-cube software solutions are becoming. The GEGENBAUER group is one of the leading providers of […]

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Document Service Center Gmb

We believe that translation processes must be transparent and comprehensible for the customer and is only in this way a high degree of credibility can be achieved.” Information to TuV SuD the TuV SuD product service GmbH is a globally active company with the fields of technical examination, evaluation and certification of products in terms […]

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Even Virtualized?

Less computer for more power: Avatarec offers customers latest technology of less is sometimes more this principle you can apply also to complex IT networks in enterprises. “Virtualization is the latest trend for a leaner ‘ and thereby more powerful computer”, are Michael Kruse and Kai Schiereck hammer Avatarec Business Solutions GmbH sure. You have […]

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He is extremely robust and cope with static discharges up to 15kV. The two proximity reader 2009 won the prestigious iF product design award last year. Palm vein recognition for high security applications. For high-security applications, the hand vein recognition system shows PCS INTUS PS. It is the ideal solution for all areas and buildings, […]

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