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verhnyaya zadiskovaya plate 3.nizhnyaya zadiskovaya plate 4.zadnyaya ligament capsule 5.perednyaya ligament capsule 6.verhny beam lateral pterygoid 7.nizhny beam lateral pterygoid 8.sustavnaya surface 9.verhnyaya glenoid cavity glenoid cavity 10.nizhnyaya 11.svyazka Anatomy of the TMJ disc 1.myschelok 2.peredny cushion of articular disc 3.srednyaya Zone articular disk articular disk 4.zadny cushion 5.sustavnoy tubercle 6.naruzhny auditory canal 7.lateralnaya pterygoid […]

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NLC Lipolysis

It does not take into account the loss of micronutrients: vitamins, minerals, food fibers, lipotropic, while many of them are involved in the regulation of fat metabolism. In addition, there is not unfounded assumption that the propensity of people to overeat is a kind of compensatory reaction to the lack of a modern human nutrition […]


Overcoming Asthma

Dear visitors of the forum, hello! I "asthmatic" and my experience of the disease about five years. I know, like everyone else, that bronchial asthma – is an incurable disease. And the alternatives, except as hormones and 'bronchodilators' in patients with bronchial asthma, no. I appeal to you, with the faint hope, almost not believing […]

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