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International Monetary Fund

The French wanted to continue a protest started earlier that sympathized with the convened in Spain this June 19. The Paris detainees will be released as soon as check his identity, police said. Brussels also hosted a rally against the Euro Pact, in solidarity with Spain and Greece. on the issue. Belgian police used tear-gas […]

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European Central Bank

EFE new series will be called Europe, in tribute to the character from Greek mythology who gave its name to our continent. They will have 3 new safety elements: the watermark portrait, hologram and the emerald green number. They will be introduced gradually over several years, starting with the $ 5 ticket in may 2013. […]

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Valencia Camps

These actions have aroused the rejection of the rest of the Group concentrates, which have criticism his behavior to those who have insulted and persecuted and have reminded them that the adequate and approved in Assembly to protest is silent and showing a red to the passage of the political card. Austerity and reform of […]

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European Parliament

The European Union (EU) agreed today to increase the time for the protection of the rights of performers and phonogram producers on their recordings for 50 to 70 years, to adopt a directive by qualified majority. The objective is to increase the level of protection of the performers through the recognition of their creative and […]

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