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Douglas MacGregor

Douglas McGregor – the THEORIES ' ' X' ' ' ' Y' 'e the motivation of public servers INTRODUCTION Studying has some time the subject ' ' Motivation of Pblicos&#039 Servers; ' , I come coming across itself with works for great thinkers, administrators, sociologists and writers, of which I can until disagreeing, but never […]


Young Adolescent

The research identified that the city of Caruaru? FOOT possesss nine CRAS being five in the Urban Zone, and four in the Agricultural Zone that, as public equipment, are considered the main units of basic social protection, since they are responsible for the joint with the too much institutions that compose the local net of […]


You Are Stronger

You already saw some thing material to walk alone? Clearly that not! Somebody has that to use the hand for conduziz it. It is back in the balcony, waiting with sofreguido that appears somebody to use it? Not! This somebody never needs to exist, to load for itself, the proper vice. You are stronger You, […]


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