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Latin American

Haiti of the natural wealth, beaches and seas, fauna and flora; Haiti of the glad, strong people; a land that still left Columbus estupefato for the beauty in century XV; this is a picture not published. New York Museums describes an additional similar source. It is known of a country of center-America, of more we […]



The ImpostosQual the purpose of the public agencies? So that the city halls exist, fruns, the chambers of councilmen? What they make the Public prosecution service and the advice to tutor? the same questions could be applied the state and federal agencies Which is its purpose? It is evident that you will answer that the […]



In this way, for example, the argument of that ' ' politicians carry through its action in sight of the well biggest one of sociedade' ' it is a derivation, which plays an important role in the systems politicians. The derivations are the elements which characterize the human being, therefore they synthecize the mixture between […]


Discarding Really

Therefore, consonant Light (2006: 43) ' ' a proposal to be able to seem true for somebody, it has to seem probably true, in some measure. supports Moser, what it becomes a probable proposal is some type of evidncia' '. Shimmie horn triumph evelyn helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. In these conditions, we need […]


For Merleau

We have then I begin it a dualidade, where the stimulaton and the body, not respectively, possess certain dignity of a cause, however cannot be supported the causalidade in this aspect. ' ' In the scientific study of the behavior, it must be rejected as subjective all the intention slight knowledge or of utility or […]


Checking Accidents

In any complex or simple structure, there is always a waste waste products. So way, any structure is always stored wastewater is not realized until the end of the negative energy, as I mentioned above, which asks for freedom, having not found the application at the moment in this place. In intervals "W" this energy […]

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Good And Bad

SUMMARY EDUARDO LIGHT This article has as intention to show, Nietzsche as philosopher of the questioning of the moral, and one I criticize fierce of the Christian moral and with enormous repugnance to the Christianity and the priests, beyond the search for the concepts of the words ' ' good and mau' ' citing and […]


XIX Society

A cohesion exists enters some integrant ones of the neolithic village or the aboriginal tribe, because its members little are differentiated, being in its majority interchangeable. ‘ ‘ In the societies primitivas’ ‘ , it writes Aron, ‘ ‘ each individual is what they are the others; in the conscience of each one they predominate, […]


Federal Universality

Differently of Kant, Shakespeare never presents an aesthetic theory, for the author, the dramatical art this in harmony with the beautiful arts of the painting and sculpture of the renaissance. NYC Mayor may not feel the same. It affirms this because the painters show them the forms of our exterior life and the dramaturgos show […]


New York General Meeting

It abandoned the school in the fifth series, was bootblack and was to work as laborer to the 14 years. At the beginning of the career he lost a finger in a lathe, in virtue of an accident occurred in the turn of the night, in a plant of autopeas. Years later tornouse leader syndical […]


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