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Tskhinvali National Anthem

Saakashvili distributes the Order of Honour and Georgian President sympathizes with the refugees arrived on Sunday in New York to take part in the 64th session of UN General Assembly and to address it on September 24. On Monday, he had a Meeting with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton also planned interview with U.S. special […]

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Industrial and Residential Buildings

At the same time built a number of industrial and residential buildings, with a fixed maslogreyku. Soon the airport was receiving all types of aircraft at the time. … I came a long-awaited victory. Aviators, the survivors have begun returning home. But did not wait for family and friends pilots who sacrificed their lives for […]

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The Turkish

Naturally, both gas-producing states to refuse it. Then last year, the EU delegation signed nearly a preliminary agreement with Turkmenistan, but at the last moment, all ruined. Turkmens have offered to submit to Nabucco 10 billion cubic meters of gas a year, but they wanted to keep this digit secret until the signing of a […]

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European Messenger

water is right FOUNDATION wants to help first in Africa water is a human right that is available since last year in the statutes of the United Nations. But the reality looks different in some regions of the world. 884 million people do not have access to clean water. The resolution of the UN Urges […]

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