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Are you constantly worried about your economic situation? When you are doing well economically you feel tranquil and at peace but when there are problems let you carry emotionally? Never are you get to consummate the true economic freedom although it seems that already very nearly nearly you going to achieve? If your case is […]

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They like or of I did not hear-THERe, makes what more it pleases the God: evangelize. On behalf of Jesus. ' ' E, how much to make for words or workmanships, make everything on behalf of Mr. Jesus, giving for it thanks to Pai.&#039 God; ' Colossenses 3:17 Many known colleagues, friends, relatives and that […]



If we will be stimulated in the field of the faith, will desire to search a religion that in them brings the satisfaction and the pleasure to vibrate God through the Divine virtues, such as the tolerance, the respect stops with other religions and forms of cults. If we will be stimulated in the field […]



I have few days I was I descend for the next Avenue where I live going to work, when ash stopped to my side a Fiat 147, and one Mr. c advanced age insisted p to give a hitchhiking to me. I entered in the car, and I was with shame to ask the name […]


Mago, Babalorix, Sorcerer, Wizard ….

For that they do not know which the difference enters these cited above, we will make a small commentary on practical which of Magic of each one works: Mago: it has knowledge theoretical and practical to act in any area of the Magic, whichever its origin. It has theoretical knowledge and I practise on the […]


Change Can Happen

In trying to enter yet, we finally realized that there is consistency within, while outside, if you do not live, it seems absurd that I think is the word more appropriate. GM may be very difficult to integrate, as well as watching a God who is creator of heaven, earth, universe, etc.., stoop to this? […]

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