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Gross Alex

He noted that address hunger in developing countries can not be at the expense of farmers, funds for this purpose should provide national governments, and recalled that corn is the main product and in terms of beef and dairy cattle. In 2008, Russia received a record over the past 15 years, the grain harvest – […]

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Modern Physics

Application for the invention was published in the Official Journal of the Russian Agency for Patents and Trademarks, t.32, p.91-92, Moscow, 2002. .) Speaking about the possibility of creating other (except nuclear power) of the fundamental, natural sources energy should also be noted the following. In addition to the vortex phenomena in nature, in the […]

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UNPO Secretary General Ban Ki

The UN General Assembly discussed the issue of climate change in UN headquarters in New York on February 11-12, passed thematic debate of the General Assembly "Addressing climate change: UN and world community." UNPO Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has attracted the attention of the meeting to the negative consequences of climate change, which already face […]

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The Name

It does not play or scream; anyone hear his voice in the streets. Not just break the cane Creek or shut off the wick that just Burns, until you do succeed justice. And at his name shall be the Nations its hope. Everything was prepared. The latest developments were giving for the beginning of its […]

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