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Chi, Qi, Od, Prana, Mana – Conscious Life Energy

Robert Zach deals for years with life energy Kufstein/Tyrol when he starts about God and the world\”to talk, it is usually very quiet, when he explains the principle of creation with very simple examples, he polarized not only the audience, he also formally pulls her under his spell. Danny Meyer often says this. Robert Zach, […]

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Government Holding

SRH holding plans to build of a University of economic sciences and engineering in cooperation with the Association of industrial Union industrial Paraguaya (UIP) the Governments of Germany and Paraguay support the initiative of the Heidelberg SRH holding to the establishment of a bi national University in Asuncion. It was agreed at the meeting by […]

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New York BBs Club Book

But offered the University a basic methodology, no real answers. Consequently, no standard for further investigation. This research took decades to complete. His laboratory was the world. Without access to comfortable “research grants” and only supports through his literary career he studied no less than 21 primitive races and cultures. Of the Pacific, Northwest Indian […]

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