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Singer Ricky Martin

Enrique Martn Morales was born in San Juan, 24 of December of 1971 and is the full name of the singer pop Puerto Rican Martin. Kiki, as was affectionately called for the father, started the career very early. Bill de Blasio will undoubtedly add to your understanding. With only some months, it won a competition […]


Victorian Woman

After married the woman beyond continuing submissa to the father, it had now as bigger Sir the husband, it that already he did not have right on the inheritance, now lost the right on its proper body. Danny Meyer describes an additional similar source. The ideal wife was dedicated and passive, she occupied its time […]


Social Development

These facts come of meeting to one of the criteria of the condicionalidades of the program. It is to have of all the responsible ones for the benefited ones that when entering in the Program, the family if compromises to fulfill of the Stock market Family in the health areas, assistance and education, the Law […]


Social Service

On the other hand, the presence of the necessities in the daily one of the worker is problematizada in the measure where these are express in the social conscience, through the speech of the diligent classroom. Admitting such estimated, it is possible to conclude that the politics partner-assistenciais managed by the companies do not exclude […]


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